Let Me Introduce Myself...

Matthew Garry grew up in a small frontier town in the Black Hills of South Dakota; a state widely regarded as having more cows than people.

Growing up in such an isolated community gifted Matthew with a restless and dangerous ambition. He moved to Chicago directly out of highschool and has been committed to developing a career in acting ever since. Shortly after arriving in Chicago, Matthew became a student of the Gately/Poole Conservatory. For a total of three years, he studied their rigorous Meisner-based technique. Matthew is also a recent graduate of the school at Steppenwolf. He feels blessed to have had the opportunity to work on some amazing projects with some incredible people during his time in Chicago. Matthew looks forward to continuing to create art that he can be proud of!

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Things I'm Proud Of...

I like to keep myself busy with awesome projects. Here's some stuff I feel like bragging about right now.

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LeapFest XIV

Bad Date by Liam Fitzgerald | directed by Drew Martin

July 9, 19, 25

Rachel woke up bruised and hungover, next to a man she barely remembers meeting. To him, it was nothing special. To Rachel, it was rape. Everyone else, isn’t quite sure what they think happened, and feels in no rush to make a decision. In an academic world that can barely admit to the occurrence of rape, Rachel finds herself fighting an uphill battle to convince her community, her friends, and even her attacker of the truth.

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Version One

written & directed by Stephen Cone

This short film is a project of the January/February 2017 CINEMA LAB course at Acting Studio Chicago (Stephen Cone, Instructor; Rachael Patterson, Studio Director). Featuring students Mary Franke, Matthew Garry, Emily Marso, Eleni Pappageorge and Vahishta Vafadari, VERSION ONE is based on improvisations by the students, written, directed and edited by Cone, and photographed by Jason Chiu. Nicholas Fanelli served as Location Sound Mixer.

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School at Steppenwolf Graduate

Taught by members of Steppenwolf's world renowned ensemble and guest teachers intimate with our work, The School at Steppenwolf is a 10-week residency for experienced actors who are interested in combining ensemble traditions, values and great acting.

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What People Are Saying

...the ensemble of men who play the prisoners deliver sharp and detailed performances. Matthew Garry plays two different doomed prisoners, each being driven mad by the torture meted out by Whalen. Kerry Reid, Chicago Tribune
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The newbie Matthew Garry (Miles) tries to align with whomever is speaking the loudest. Then he memorably confronts Bryce Gangel (Rachel) with ‘you don’t want to kiss me.’ It is this terrific mix of pompous surprise, sad vulnerability and being totally wasted. The Fourth Walsh